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The Polish Society for Crystal Growth (PSCG) was founded in 1991 with the aim of attracting research workers from scientific institutions and other areas of national economy working on crystal growth and related issues. PSCG is a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience in technology and characterization of crystalline materials. The Society is a member of International Organization for Crystal Growth and European Union on Crystal Growth. One of the objectives of the Society is spreading the knowledge about the life and scientific achievements of Prof. Jan Czochralski, who is one of the famous Polish scientists. Prof. Jan Czochralski discovered the technology for growing single crystals named after him the “Czochralski Method”.  Prof. Jan Czochralski is the Polish scientist most often cited in the world scientific literature.


Ogólnopolski Konkurs Wzrostu Kryształów dla Młodzieży Szkolnej 2022
Konkurs o Nagrodę PTWK 2022
V edycja Konkursu o Nagrodę Jana Czochralskiego
Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2022

Nadchodzące wydarzenia

Webinaria PTWK – 2022
Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2022
7th European Conference on Crystal Growth, Paryż, 26-28.07.2021
Seminarium – Nowe metody analityczne badań materiałów monokrystalicznych (03.06.2019, UNIPRESS, Warszawa)



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