ENSEMBLE3 is a new Centre of Excellence for nanophotonics, advanced materials, and novel crystal growth-based technologies located
in Warsaw, Poland, created jointly by institutions from Poland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The centre will work on the development of
novel material technologies and advanced materials with unique electromagnetic properties, with potential applications in fields such
as photonics, optoelectronics, telecommunication, solar energy conversion, medicine, and aerospace.

Applications are invited for scientists to lead the group: III-V Compound Semiconductors. This group will be responsible for
developing single crystal AIII-BV compound semiconductor materials in the direction of novel optoelectronic applications. The group
will develop and investigate novel single crystals and technologies to make them as well as will collaborated in utilizing known materials
for new applications. Particularly interesting would-be applications in lighting, telecom, nonlinear optics, THz sources, frequency
conversion, and others. The know-how of the centre is based on the Łukasiewicz- Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics
experience of over 30 years in the technology of AIIIBV compounds including synthesis, monocrystalization, mechanical processing and
characterization. Our high purity and high-quality materials meet the world standards. In this field we carry out: (i) research and
development of single crystals and alloys manufacturing methods; (ii) investigations of semiconducting materials properties (electrical,
structural, optical) and purity; (iii) small scale production of materials such as GaAs, InAs, GaP, InP, GaSb, InSb and other special alloys
of very high purity; (iv) development of manufacturing methods for thermoelectric materials, topological insulators and materials for

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