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Activities of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth

Polish Society for Crystal Growth (PSCG) was organised in 1991 (see History) in order to group persons working in Polish scientific institution as well as in different fields of national economy, who are engaged in the science of crystallisation and related areas.

Main aims of the PSCG are:

Organisation of the Polish Society for Crystal Growth is based on the Constitution of PSCG, where 3 year period of the Governing Board elected by the General Assembly of the PSCG participants was approved. It is now a rule that the General Assembly is organised jointly with the Polish Conference on Crystal Growth.

Diversity in the scientific interest of the participants led to the creation of 4 scientific divisions:

covering the following scientific areas:

  1. Theories of nucleation and growth, molecular kinetics and transport processes, and crystallisation in viscous media e.g. polymers and glasses.
  2. Crystal growth, both bulk as well as thin layers, of metals, minerals, semiconductors, superconductors, magnetics, and inorganic, organic and biological substances.
  3. Instrumentation and techniques of crystal growth.
  4. Characterisation of crystals by physical and chemical methods.
  5. Industrial crystallisation.
  6. Theory and practice of epitaxy and deposition from various phases.
  7. Multilayer heterostructures and their characterisation, with emphasis on the processes of crystal growth and epitaxy.
  8. Preparation, characterisation and applications of liquid crystals.
  9. Structure and properties of growth media.

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Polish Society for Crystal Growth
Institute of Technology of Electronic Materials
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